Firstly, let’s congratulate to Light Nomyus because Light Nomyus can make an article with English language. Okay, now We have some data and information about Riau Province.

  1. Legitimate : July 25th 1958 (Indonesian Law Number 61/1958)
  2. Astronomical Place: Sumatra Island (1.150 LS- 4.450 LU ; 100.030- 109.090 BT)
  3. Area: 87,844.32 km2 
  4. Capital city: Pekanbaru
  5. Traditional language: Melayu
  6. Ethnics: Akit, Laut, Melayu, Kualam Bonai
  7. Traditional Dances: Joget Lambak dance, Tandak dance, and Rentak dance
  8. Traditional Weapon: Badik tumbuk lada, Jenawi Sword
  9. Traditional House: Melayu selaso Jatuh Kembar House
  10. Music Tool: Rebana
  11. Traditional Songs: Soleram, Lancang Kuning
  12. Most famous airport: Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport
  13. Most famous port: Bengkalis Port

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